Is now the right time to sell your business?

How do you know what your business is really worth?


Are you finally at a place in your life where you are ready to start slowing down to spend more time doing what you really love? Have you spent year after year focusing on your business grinding it out, day after day to ensure success? Is now the time to finally consider moving on to do other things that are perhaps more important to you? 

Selling a business can be a tedious process that requires several key consideration for every business owner. For starters, you will want to navigate your options carefully to maximize profit and minimize tax losses. You will also want to allocate as much of your company's value into your current tangible assets. There are many different factors to consider as you approach this transition before selling your business that could impact your bottom line. 


Our local team here in Austin can help you determine the most tax-efficient valuation for your business by assessing the following:

  • Current cash flow
  • Annual earnings and growth rate
  • Leverage and liquidity
  • Overall health of your business operations 


We use standard industry multipliers to find out what your business is actually worth and then work with you to help you get your business in tip-top shape and ready to sell.

There are so many important factors to consider as you prepare for this process. We will help you through all aspects of the planning and preparation process to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. Here are a few questions you might want to consider before selling your business:

  1. What does your business debt look like?
  2. Have you thoroughly assessed your long-term financial and life goals?
  3. Are your finances and books organized for the potential buyer?
  4. Have you worked with your current clients on future projections (the next 3-5 years) to make sure there is actually a future business for the buyer?
  5. Have you identified any weaknesses in your business and started to shore those up?
  6. Are you prepared for how and when you will notify your employees?
  7. Have you done your proper due diligence? 
  8. What documents do you need to share with potential buyers?
  9. Have you properly evaluated current market conditions?
  10. Are you prepared for the time it takes to sell your business?


Ready to start assessing your business to find a suitable buyer?

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