Goals-Based Strategies

Our Investment Philosophy  - Long-term value investing

We believe that long-term value investing provides our clients with the greatest long-term rewards while mitigating risk during normal market fluctuations and downturns. Even though the market is fairly efficient at discounting current information, this is not always the case, especially during extremely volatile conditions like we experienced during 2008-09. To exploit these inefficiencies and to add value for our clients through active portfolio management, we take a contrarian approach to information that may be interpreted differently by other financial advisors.

Our Strategy - Uncovering underperforming assets

Our investment strategy is simple - we buy securities trading below their intrinsic market value and then, using quantitative, qualitative and empirical data, we dig deep, searching for under appreciated, misunderstood, or simply overlooked stocks. By utilizing proven and enduring principles of long-term value investing, we are then able to uncover new opportunities to build wealth for our clients, while simultaneously mitigating downside risk.

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