BirdRock Asset Management was founded in 2006 and is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm based in Austin, TX. We offer long-only domestic equity strategies and private client services and our firm is 100% employee owned and qualifies as a women/minority owned (MWBE) enterprise. We actively manage our proprietary value-oriented small and large cap investment strategies to institutional investors including separate account platforms, Taft-Hartley pension funds, sub-advisory, foundations, insurance companies, corporations and private clients through both SMAs and model delivery. Please take a moment to learn more about the investment process and philosophy that BirdRock employs to manage our Value Equity portfolio(s). Click here for Small Cap info.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the premise that value investing provides investors with long-term rewards greater than other investment strategies, as well as risk mitigation during times of market turbulence. While we believe that the market is efficient at discounting current information, this is not always the case, especially during extremely volatile conditions like we experienced during 2008-09. Further, that consistent manager out-performance over time, relative to the appropriate benchmark, is only attainable as the result of a consistent, well-defined process successfully executed over multiple market cycles. 

As a result:

  • We postulate that value investing provides investors with the best risk-adjusted investment returns over the long-term through active portfolio management.
  • As a long-only manager, our goal is to avoid large drawdowns during difficult market conditions inherent within complete market cycles.
  • Our approach and bias(s) stem from an emphasis to achieve positive return consistency and to generate excess alpha, minimizing downside risks within the portfolio, by utilizing a fundamental bottom-up approach, building our portfolio(s) on a stock by stock basis and borrowing from both “traditional” as well as “relative” value metrics and to avoid “deep value”.

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