Why do I need a financial plan? 

How is financial planning different than saving or investing? 

Many individuals confuse financial planning with general savings and investing advice. While how to save (and how much), and where and when to invest those savings is super important, prudent financial planning goes way beyond the realm of just saving and investing alone. The sooner you understand the role of financial planning in meeting your short, medium and long-term financial aspirations, the better you’ll be able to control your financial future.

Why Financial Planning is Important

A solid financial plan is essential for anyone who wishes to accomplish specific financial objectives. Whether it’s owning your home (sooner, rather than later), making sure your children’s education is well-funded, or guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free transition into retirement, these seemingly disparate components come together under one unified financial plan.

The scope of an effective financial plan should cover key aspects such as 

  • Savings goals
  • Monthly budgeting
  • Investment strategy
  • Tax planning 
  • Insurance coverages
  • Retirement and wealth planning
  • Estate and legacy planning, and much more.

The Personalized BirdRock Financial Planning Experience

Our systematic and comprehensive approach to comprehensive financial planning includes:

  • Discovering You: We start with the basic concept that financial planning is all about YOU! And the only way that we can deliver what YOU need is to better understand what your needs are. We do this through a consultative approach of discovery — getting to know you — and helping better understanding how we can help.
  • Solid Investment Strategy: Once our team of experienced professionals has a better sense of who you are and what your vision for a successful financial future looks like, we can work together to create an investment strategy that will help you fulfil your financial objectives.
  • Personalized Financial Planning: Cookie-cutter solutions don’t work for us here at BirdRock and we believe they don’t serve the best interests of our clients either. Through our comprehensive financial planning process, we’ll create a set of personalized steps that will help you achieve your short, medium, and long-term goals. Our consultative and iterative approach can be intense but each session brings us one step closer to helping you achieve your financial objectives that we create together, during the initial discovery phase.
  • Implementation and Execution: Now that your plan is in place, we’ll walk you through the process of how best to get started. Whether it’s setting aside a certain amount of money each month or making the right investment decisions, choosing the right insurance plan for you and your family, or creating an estate plan that preserves your legacy for future generations, our Certified Financial Planners will be there for you as you take each step along your journey towards financial freedom. With foresight, encouragement, and professionalism, we’ll make sure that each step of your plan is successfully implemented.

Regular Monitoring and Analysis: While we’ll laud you at every successful implementation of your financial plan, we’ll stay vigilant throughout the process to make sure you stay on track to meet each of the objectives set out in the plan. Through constant monitoring, and frequent reviews with you, we’ll consult with you and make modifications to the strategies and plans as and when needed.


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