3 Reasons Divorced Women Should Seek Financial Planning

Greg Roden |

We’ve seen firsthand the experiences here in Austin that women face while going through a divorce. We know that each circumstance is vastly different and we’ve seen amicable divorces to very contentious divorces. However, despite the circumstances financial planning during divorce is always an important topic of conversation. We’ve seen plenty of women/wives have the leading role in the finances of their home but still not be involved in the strategy and investment planning of their future.  For women, this is often a topic that they are somewhat uncomfortable with because a lot of times the husband has been the one involved in planning and investing. This leads us to the three reasons we believe divorced women should seek financial planning during and after a divorce:

One: Women usually keep a reserve of cash for security. If you keep a large amount of cash on the side it could be beneficial for you to consider investing some of this for your future. Investing can help create and grow your wealth to leave you with a retirement fund that you can count on in the future. 

Two: Financial planning is important for anyone considering retirement and living a life they love without worry. If you have recently divorced or are in the midst of a divorce then this may be more important than ever to you. Without a spouse to rely on, divorcees carry the burden alone of thinking about their future and what that will look like. As financial planners here in Austin, it’s our job and our pleasure to help create a level of comfort and security for our clients as we help you plan for the future and retirement you love. The goal of financial planning is to strategize and consider all avenues and areas of your finances to create wealth and budget for your life.

Three:  After doing this for so many years and helping a multitude of women going through divorce, we have come to find that emotions are high during this time. When emotions are high it’s easy to overlook some of the important aspects of your financial planning during divorce. It’s critical to stay organized and think about how you want to come out on the other side of this. What is important to you and your future? Is it saving for children’s college? Is it vacations? Is it having a nest egg for retirement? This is why we have a certified divorce financial analyst on staff along with our other team members to help navigate through these type of questions. As a financial planning firm, our goal is to help set you up and prepare you for the future you envision.

We know this can be a trying time for you if you are going through a divorce. You need a support system. You need a team of professionals. You need to be prepared for what's next. Let’s make sure you are set up with the future you deserve. We are here to support you. 

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