The BirdRock Focused Large Cap Portfolio Strategy is a discretionary equity product that invests in a concentrated (generally 20-30 companies) with a market capitalization greater than $7BN. Our investment process is characterized as rules-based while also employing qualitative screening/research methods utilizing both “traditional” and “relative” value metrics/screens.

Historically, the composite has displayed medium tracking error as well as modest beta and standard deviation vs the Large Cap Growth Index. We do not “hug” the index. We prefer exposure to all sectors but not to a stated tracking error mandate. Historically, our “value add” through active management is more attributed to stock selection vs. activity, timing or tactical factors.

Our philosophy is that a focused and disciplined investment approach offer investors some of the highest rates of return on capital over time. This conviction in our best ideas provides investors with attractive risk-adjusted investment returns over the long term through active management. As active investors, we approach the space with a focus on companies with long-term growth potential as well as an experienced management team. Investing within “larger”  names with stronger balance sheets doesn’t, in itself, mitigate volatility but coupled with a reasonably diversified portfolio construction, we believe we can add alpha for our clients. We take a forecasted and/or a contrarian approach to quantitative/qualitative information that may be interpreted differently and perhaps incorrectly by other interested parties.

  • We look to capture excess alpha with higher-quality companies experiencing revisions to earnings estimates.

  • We avoid “deep value” plays and companies capitalized under $7000 BN and prefer value on the move, which implies relative strength. We also look for dividend payers and companies with possible "catalyst amplifier(s)"- the identification of a catalyst is often the transformative impetus to share price appreciation for a “value” company.

  • Our Focused Large Cap Portfolio has historically acted as an all-weather strategy capturing alpha since it's inception date. Given its concentrated structure, investors should expect higher volatility relative to the portfolio's benchmark. 

  • A core strength of our strategy is our investment team’s long tenure of working together while managing investment portfolios through multiple economic/market cycles.

  • Asset Class: U.S. Equity

  • Morningstar Category: Large Growth

  • Benchmark: Russell 1000 Growth Index

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