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Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the premise that value investing provides investors with long-term rewards greater than other investment strategies, as well as risk mitigation during times of market turbulence. While we believe that the market is fairly efficient at discounting current information, this is not always the case, especially during extremely volatile conditions like we experienced during 2008-09. To exploit these inefficiencies and add value through active management, we believe one must take a contrarian approach to information that may be interpreted differently and perhaps incorrectly by other interested parties.

As we begin our search for the under appreciated, misunderstood, or simply overlooked securities by the investor class, our approach is to dig deep by using quantitative, qualitative and empirical data to help us add alpha for our clients while simultaneously mitigating downside risk. The essence of BirdRock Asset Management’s value investment style is to buy securities trading at less than their intrinsic value, integrating what we believe to be the most proven and enduring principles of value investing, while simultaneously seeking to avoid some of the more common perils known to inhabit the space-namely concentrated deep-value positions that go against the investor. It’s not a passive “set-it and forget it” philosophy but an active and opportunistic investment approach.



We're in Your Corner

We Are A Fiduciary Which Means Total Commitment To You

Unlike most of the big banks as well as most Financial Advisors, we are fiduciaries to our clients and our commitment is first and foremost to you.

Our firm is 100% fee-only, independent, regulated by the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) and not driven by commissions. We don’t try and cross-sell you products like mortgages, credit cards, life insurance and other high-fee products to enhance our own revenue. Our interests are aligned with our client’s interests. No commissions to us, no loaded mutual funds. No cross-selling. No hidden agendas. No financial non-sense. Just straightforward, unbiased financial advice. We really do want you to succeed and reach your goals. Whatever they may be.

Furthermore, we like to say “we eat our own cooking” meaning our partners invest right alongside our clients. When the markets are going up and you’re doing well, we’re right there with you. When it goes down, and sometimes it does, we’re right there with you, too. Our clients like that. That’s why we take this so seriously which is why you’re in good hands.

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A Unique Investment Experience

BirdRock Asset Management offers its clients wealth management that is customized to their unique financial objectives and personal goals. Our very experienced team seeks to uncover investment opportunities that many Advisors overlook. We help our clients by getting to know their financial objectives and developing an investment strategy around those long-term goals.

We minimize volatility by doing in-depth research and understand your risk tolerance level. Being invested in the market does not mean you must be aggressive. You can actually be quite conservative if that is your personal preference. Having a conversation with a trusted BirdRock Advisor can give you much more clarity with your comfort level regarding risk and volatility.

We make sure your portfolio is well-diversified, re-balanced at regular intervals, and help to keep you on track to hit your financial goals. Each client is unique and your situation is fluid but our attention to your needs remains constant


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A Customized Approach

Our award-winning investment team has been in place for over a decade now and has decades of experience through both high performing and very challenging market environments. Our Investment Committee meets regularly to assess the current landscape and adjust to changing market conditions. We strive to protect and grow your assets while reducing risk and volatility by maintaining a well-diversified portfolio.

Our team has a diverse history and backgrounds. We’ve managed money for individuals, small businesses, and some of the largest pension funds in the country. We have the knowledge and experience to help you reach your desired outcome. Give us a call. We’re here to help.

The BirdRock Investment team is a multiple Informa-PSN “Top-Gun” money manager and Steve Levy has been named a “Top Gun Money Manager of The Decade”. Steve has also been named a Seven-Time, Texas Monthly Five-Star Wealth Manager. Experience through thick and thin counts


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